IIM Lucknow Convocation 2013

I still vividly remember the convocation day of our seniors. We all witnessed the grandiose event, a historic one for any graduate precisely a year ago. But little did we know that our convocation would altogether be a different experience.

On 17th March 2013, IIM Lucknow's campus brought back fleeting memories of our first day at the School. I remember how some people were caught being nervous, some breaking free and others like me, clueless about their paths ahead.

Despite that, all of us walked down those two years, each one carrying a different bag of rich experiences. Finally on the day to bid goodbye, the campus looked more beautiful than ever with carpets of colourful flowers strewn all along the way. The convocation stage and its grandeur mirrored the pride of the the Institute. Before the D-day, our batch had a rather sunny yet nostalgic dry-run of the end-to-end ceremony.

In the evening of 17th March, the same path along which I zipped past for a lecture, seemed like one of the slowest walks. Though, extremely delighted about the convocation, everyone knew deep down that this was their last day on the campus. Each one of us walked up the dais and collected our prestigious degree, with heads held high and goosebumps on our hands! The occasion was such a historic one for us that not only were the students delighted but also their parents were proud and extremely happy. They voiced their feelings of joy which added a "perfect" colour to the occasion. Post the convocation ceremony, there were several megabytes of photos taken by all whose ultimate victim, Facebook, witnessed a deluge of image uploads.

High Tea was also served but I hardly ate! To my surprise, I was not hungry at all. The impending departure from campus was unexpectedly difficult. It was really hard to isolate my emotions that day which were a mix of parents’ delight, confusion over introductions of families, joy of sharing "Kodak" moments, nostalgic memories and uneasiness over packing at the same time for my indefinite departure.

When my cab reached the main gate, I looked behind to see the empty road and my best two B-School years just flashed in front of my eyes - right from the official and informal inductions, committee selections, umpteenth CV reviews, cultural, sports and management events till the grand convocation!

Goodbye IIM Lucknow! I have graduated as a student to be yet another proud alumnus with this degree adding a grand tag to my name. Rest assured, I will be grateful to the institute for my life waiting to serve it in the best way I possibly can.

Article originally published in IIM Lucknow Flashback (April 2013), a monthly newsletter which publishes a regular coverage of campus and alumni news.

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